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Anna Pidgorna (b. 1985) is a Ukrainian-born, Canadian-raised composer and multi-media artist who combines sound, visual arts, writing and carpentry to create works that are dramatic and picturesque. She works extensively with Ukrainian folk singing, incorporating elements of this style in instrumental music and performing as a pseudo-folk vocalist herself. With an enduring love for the outdoors, Pidgorna draws a great deal of inspiration from the natural soundscape often imitating birds and animals. Having studied visual arts from an early age, she incorporates visual elements into some of her manuscripts. She has been commissioned by Wild Shore Festival, Irish Language Art Song Project, Ludovico Ensemble, Ensemble Paramirabo, 21C Festival, Soundstreams, Toronto’s New Music Concerts, Gryphon Trio, and Thin Edge New Music Collective. She is a recipient of two SOCAN Foundation Emerging Composers' Awards and represented Canada at the ISCM World New Music Days 2013 festival in Vienna. Pidgorna is currently pursuing doctoral studies at Princeton University.