Mostly performing as an ensemble of a dozen musicians, Delirium Musicum encompasses a larger group of artists to adapt to different repertoires. Please take a moment to meet the musicians!

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Artist in Residence at USC's Brain and Creativity Institute, Etienne is a French-Hungarian graduate of the New England Conservatory, and ended his student career of more than 11 years at USC with Midori Goto. Since then, he enjoys concertizing internationally and gathering artists from different backgrounds around creative projects and goes skydiving when he runs out of ideas. One of his dearest memories in Los Angeles is from playing under the baton of John Adams with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. His strongest trait of character: French.
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Born in Seoul, Ji Young spent 10 years in Paris before settling down in Los Angeles. She holds degrees from Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP) and the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. A member of the Santa Barbara Symphony and the Opera Santa Barbara, she is also a violin faculty member at UCLA. Although she hasn't been able to do it yet, she would love to travel to outer space during her lifetime. Ji Young is aware that she appears to be picky and high maintenance, but she thinks she is actually easy-going and compassionate to anyone she meets.

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Kyle is one of the few existing LA natives. He received a Professional Studies Diploma under the tutelage of William Preucil at the Cleveland Institute of Music and participated in numerous prestigious musical festivals. He says his heart is forever with his partners in crime at Delirium Musicum, where he is encouraged to bring his own unique voice, although he sometimes performs with other ensembles. When not fully enveloped in the music making process, he loves to cook vegan recipes as well as walk all around his neighborhood with his half-Dachshund half-Beagle dog named Calvin.

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Alex was born in the town of Wenatchee, WA, and is a recent graduate of USC. His biggest professional achievement is getting to play with the other members of Delirium Musicum. He also regularly serves as concertmaster of the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra. The craziest thing that Alex has ever done was jump "a 10 stair" on a razor scooter. He has a great sense of adventure, and likes to drive around 74mph on the 405 freeway in his 1996 Honda Accord.

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Originally from South Korea, Ji Eun has studied at Indiana University and UCLA. She is an active solo and chamber music performer, although her main interest in life is good food, for which she always can find time. Her fondest memory, besides feeling delirious with Delirium Musicum, is from playing the Brahms concerto on the "Duke of Alcantara" Stradivarius. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking, she expresses herself through music, while enjoying life with friends and family. When she is not playing the violin or eating with friends, she can be found riding a bike or skateboard in Santa Monica.

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Originally from South Korea, YuEun graduated from USC with Midori Goto. Next to her concertizing career, she is entangled in a relationship with a French boyfriend and goes skydiving to release the pressure. Her next goal is bungee jumping. She likes to think of herself as elegant.

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Yeokyung was born in beautiful South Korea where she has soloed with a number of top orchestras. After graduating from Seoul National University, she came to the US to study with Martin Beaver at the Colburn School of Music, but found true love in each and every musician of Delirium Musicum. One of her biggest achievements was learning to swim at age 21. This skill has allowed her to stay graceful in water, which she likes much less than beer.

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Sun Jung was born in South Korea and studied at the New England Conservatory before earning her Doctorate at USC. She has performed internationally in halls such as the Lincoln Center in New York and Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo. She enjoys hiking and reading comic books, but nothing too crazy, if possible. To make it simple, she likes to do things that people don't do and don't do the things that people usually do.

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Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Mann-Wen has been living in the United States since age 14. After having studied at Yale and the New England Conservatory, she is now pursuing her DMA at USC. Her greatest wish is to play through the entire Brahms violin concerto 3 times in a row without making a mistake. She enjoys remembering that one time when she snuck into a major concert hall at 3am with a couple of friends and started an impromptu improvisation session. Her friends have to deal with what she calls her "cat temperament with the loyalty of a dog".

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A native of San Jose, CA, Dylan studied at The Colburn School and Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. He won the Silver Medal at the 2013 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition before running and completing the 2014 Los Angeles Marathon. His fan club defines him as a patient listener.

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Leïla grew up in Ithaca, NY and received a Doctor of Musical Arts in violin performance from UCLA. She has founded and performed with a number of successful chamber music groups. The craziest thing she has accomplished is either growing cacti from seed or convincing a committee to approve her dissertation on 18th-century humanoid robot musicians.

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Originally from the Dominican Republic, Mishkar holds a Doctorate from USC. In 2012, he was presented with the Cultural Personality of the Year award from the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic. One life changing event happened when he performed at age 15 with the Dominican National Youth Symphony Orchestra while wearing socks of two (2) different colors. He has worn mismatched socks ever since, which leads his peers to characterize him as eccentric.

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Nicole is originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of the Cleveland Music Institute of Music, where she studied with Paul Kantor and Ivan Zenaty, and UCLA, where her mentors were Movses Pogossian and Guillaume Sutre. Nicole performs with the San Diego Symphony, and in her time off, she can be found exploring the city on her bicycle, playing the mandolin or lovingly curating her collection of corny jokes.

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Roberta was born in Calgary, Alberta, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at USC with Bing Wang. As a child she enjoyed a very short-lived career as a downhill ski racer (after ski jumping was vetoed by her mother) and now continues to harbor a craving for adrenaline and extreme sports, which is partly the reason why she joined Delirium Musicum. Roberta spends her time unsuccessfully attempting to defy Canadian stereotypes, while her colleagues and friends comfort her with the idea of being an International Citizen.

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Tanner is an Artist Diploma candidate at the Colburn School of Music. He has already performed with some of his most prestigious peers, such as members of the Tokyo, Guarneri and Cleveland Quartets, to mention only a few. He cannot mention his most crazy experience in public but he is a sought after drinking-mate after late hours rehearsals.

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Born in Seoul, Korea, She attended 4 different high schools before graduating from the New England Conservatory and USC. Performing the opera "Persona" with Beth Morrison Project with 2 cameramen and 7 screens on stage has been one of her unusual professional experiences. She has also gone skydiving and would like to become a certified skydiver. She relates to being spontaneous and creative in her paintings, and identifies herself as a compulsive furniture re-arranger.

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Born in Madrid, Spain, Javier has lived in the United States since 2010. He studied at the Peabody Conservatory, New England Conservatory, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Musical Arts at USC with Ralph Kirshbaum. His love for chamber music is only matched by his passion for soccer, which he enjoys both watching and playing. Outside of music and sports, he believes in the healing powers of good Spanish food followed by a siesta. Javier is the official paella chef of Delirium Musicum.

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Born and raised in Waco, TX, Ryan moved to Los Angeles in 2011. He loves his adoptive city, but Tex-Mex and proper barbecue will always hold a special place in his heart. Currently pursuing his Doctorate at USC, he sees himself as consistent and persistent, in the most self-effacing sense. He enjoys playing as a substitute with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Phoenix Symphony, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra and the Santa Barbara Symphony. However, he gets great satisfaction from playing with his friends from Delirium Musicum. When he is not playing music, Ryan is also an avid ultramarathon runner. The craziest distance he's run so far is 100km (62mi).

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A native of Northern California, Erin is a classical guitarist who stumbled into early music while studying at USC. She has been happily strumming a baroque guitar ever since. Erin has performed across the country and considers playing with the Early Music ensemble Ciaramella and Delirium Musicum amongst her favorite performance experiences. Reciprocally, everyone at Delirium Musicum is fond of her because her passion is so intense that she doesn’t even need a mic to rock the stage. When she isn’t playing guitar, you can usually find Erin playing board games or at a brewery (or playing board games at a brewery).

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Native of California's Bay Area and a graduate of the University of Southern California, he has performed in venues across the country, as well as appearing with Brian Asawa and Diana Tash at the Festival de Mayo in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Once, on a trip to the Netherlands to see and play historic pipe organs, he was locked into the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam while the organist went to dinner. Dry wit has been reported by some of his unfortunate friends to be his most noticeable characteristic.