Delirium Musicum envisions a world inspired by the ecstatic interpretation of music.
Delirium Musicum

- Delirium: /dɪˈlɪrɪəm/ wild excitement or ecstasy

Delirium Musicum is a self-conducted chamber orchestra dedicated to providing impassioned and engaging musical performances that deeply connect the audience to the musicians. Influenced by the bustling artistic mosaic of LA, the group applies dazzling creativity and limitless excitement to their performances that are known to an ever-growing audience.

Delirium Musicum represents the artistic excellence and leadership of the young generation of musicians in Los Angeles. The small size of this ensemble allows the musicians to bond and engage intimately with the audience through dedicated performances that inspire wild excitement and ecstasy. The spontaneity resulting from this approach, as well as their juxtaposition of music from all time periods creates meaningful human experiences. Creative and unapologetic interpretation of the old masters as well as collaboration with contemporary composers brings a unique voice to the group. Delirium Musicum creates a dialogue about new ways to explore music as it pertains to life. 

Winner of the 2018 Beverly Hills National Auditions, CA, and of the 2019-2020 Audience Choice Award of the San Francisco Classical Voice, Delirium Musicum, is an emerging self-conducted chamber ensemble that brings together some of the most creative and refined musicians in Los Angeles. Led by violinist Etienne Gara, Delirium Musicum defines itself artistically by taking a new stand on the daring and varied repertoire it tackles. Created with a distinctive voice, the ensemble of 15 musicians showcases its signature style, creativity and the gift the musicians have for communing deeply with the audience.

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