Due to Covid19, all concert venues have closed for the time being, so Etienne and YuEun decided to take the road with their instruments and safely bring music to people.

Etienne, Artistic Director of Delirium Musicum, regularly performs with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall and at the Hollywood Bowl. He has recorded a solo album on a Stradivarius from 1714, performs internationally, and was featured on Leonard Cohen’s last album.
YuEun, an international competition winner performs around the world and has a YouTube channel boasting over 5,000,000 views.
CLICK HERE to watch a video of Delirium Musicum, our chamber orchestra.

Art is a borderless inspiration to all, an emotional support, and a unique experience that instills newfound faith in humanity during these challenging times. Although limited live audiences can enjoy our concerts these days, the inspiration created can be felt through the videos of our journey.

Our goal is to bring free concerts at safe distance to people who are working hard to feed us physically and emotionally with quality products.
We hope to inspire our society to break from mass-consumerism and turn towards organic farms and wineries, as well as artists that work for the love of their craft, where quality and dedication prevails against mass-production. Together, we can bring quality and humanity to today’s world, as well as preparing a better future for us and the generations to come.

For this unique project, we will travel around California in a VW van from the 70s (that will bring a smile everywhere it goes) with our instruments, and film our concerts and encounters.

To accomplish this ambitious project, we need your generous support so we can continue bringing music and inspiring the world, despite the closure of all concert venues.

Click here to read more about the MUSIKARAVAN TOUR!

This is a project produced by Delirium Musicum, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. We’ll operate with respect to all health regulations, to keep everyone safe.

Support this project through our ADOPT AN ARTIST program!
• If you prefer to send us a check, please send it to
PO Box 29183
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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As the world is full of uncertainty, we know this:
Music will not be cancelled. Passion will not be cancelled. Hope will not be cancelled.

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