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Wai-Chun Luk (Vincent) is currently a doctoral candidate in composition at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), focusing on the fusion of eclectic stylistic elements in world music. He loves exploring different kinds of musical styles. The recent works of Vincent are influenced by Chinese regional folk music, Chinese opera, ethnic music, Japanese Gagaku music, and jazz music. Vincent collaborated with different music groups, artists and organizations from Hong Kong, USA and Canada, for example, Hong Kong Wind Karameta, Hong Kong Chordophonia, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, Romer string Quartet, Contrast Trio, Zhang Ying, Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Exploration theatre, Zhuxi Wang (USA), Ensemble Mise-en (USA) and Red Chamber (Canada).

Luk was awarded the "Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Scholarship" twice. His composition "Jazz Pipa" got the silver award on Pipa Solo Piece in the 1st Dunhuang Cup National Pipa Competition - Composition Review which was organized by the Professional Pipa Committee in China Nationalities Orchestra Society (CNOS). Also, his Chinese and Western instrumental chamber work "Fire Dragon Dance" was performed in the ISCM World New Music Days 2017 in Vancouver, Canada in November. "Dance of Yi in Honghe", which featured the musical element in Yunnan, got the David Gwilt Composition Prize and Audience Prize in 2018. Lately, his piece "Bian Lian" for Pierrot ensemble and Chinese percussion was named an Honorable Mention in Left Coast Chamber Ensemble's 2019 Composition Contest. Moreover, his string orchestral piece - Xi Shui Yuanyang also received an honorable award in the 2019 Spectri Sonori/NOCO Composition Competition. His compositions were also featured in HK Contemporary Music Festival and Intercultural Music Conference and Concerts (USA).