Bella Ciao was recorded by 20 musicians of the Delirium Musicum family, over 3 continents during the COVID19 quarantine.

Bella Ciao is an old Italian revolutionary tune sung by women to protest against their working conditions, and has since become emblematic of resistance against all oppression throughout the world. It is also the main theme from Netflix show Money Heist/La Casa de Papel.

It is our homage to the victims of the virus, as well as to the outstanding work of all health professionals saving lives.

For this video, our concert halls were living rooms, hotel rooms, and parks; the high tech recording devices were our phones. Through this clip, we want to invoke the power of music to bring us together across borders, and to spread a limitless message of resilience and hope.
Let's make music resonate in people’s hearts louder than any virus!

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Bella Ciao - COVID19 Quarantine Video