Q: When is the deadline for applying?
A: June 30, 2019.

Q: Does my piece need to be a world, US, or West Coast premiere?
A: Although premieres are encouraged, it’s fine if your piece has already been performed in California or elsewhere.

Q: Does it matter when my piece was written?
A: Yes, we are happy to consider any piece written since January 2009.

Q: What size is Delirium Musicum and what music have you performed previously?
A: The standard size of our ensemble is 6 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, bass and guitar/harpsichord/keyboard. Although somewhat flexible, you should consider this roster for your piece. Quartets and quintets are welcome, but shall be arranged to make best use of Delirium Musicum’s roster.

Q: How many pieces will you select from this year's call for scores?
A: We do not have a set number of pieces we are planning to choose. For our 2018-2019 season, we selected 3 pieces.
Aside from pieces we have already commissioned for next season, we will decide on the pieces we want to perform from our call for scores before we consider other works by living composers. Works chosen from this call for scores will be performed during out 2019-2020 season.

Q: Do you have recordings of any of your past performances?
A: Yes, we have a Youtube Channel with many live recordings from most of our past performances. You can also find out about the finalists and winners of our 2018 Call for Scores, as well as watch the videos of the concert HERE.

Q: If my piece is programmed, will it be recorded?
A: Yes, performances next season will also be professionally audio and video recorded. Composers will be able to use the recording for their personal and promotional use.

Q: If my piece is selected, how many rehearsals and performances will my piece have?
A: There will be at least one concert, which will be recorded (video+audio). It is possible that we might add another performance prior to the recorded concert, if schedule permits it. We prepare all the concerts with the same passion and professionalism regardless of the program. It is very important to us to present each piece we perform at its possible best. We usually have 6 rehearsals per program and we balance our time between each pieces on the program to make the best of it.

Q: Do you cover travel expenses for composers?
A: We do offer a travel stipend to composers. It is $500 for composers residing outside of the US, $350 for composers residing in the US and necessitating a flight ticket and $100 for local composers. We will also cover up to 4 nights of lodging leading up to the performance.

Q: How many pieces can I submit?
A: You may submit as many pieces as you like, but you will need to submit a separate application, including the $30 application fee, for each piece you wish to submit.

Q: Is there a better chance of being selected if I submit multiple pieces?
A: This is a hard question to answer but sometimes one piece a composer sends connects with us much more than another. We consider each piece submitted as a separate application and give it equal consideration to all the other pieces we receive.

Q: How do I pay the application fee?
A: Please use this link to Paypal which allows you to pay the application fee securely. If you prefer to send us a check or pay over the phone, please contact us by Email.

Q: Who will be judging the applications?
A: We have an artistic team made up of core musicians of Delirium Musicum. Additional colleagues may be invited to participate in judging to ensure diverse and objective feedback at different steps of the process. We take great pride in giving each piece a fair and meticulous review in order to find the ones we feel we can strongly advocate for and passionately share with our audiences.

Q: Why are you requiring people to submit materials via Google Drive? Wouldn’t it be easier for us to just email you our recording and score?
A: We found that we were spending a lot of time downloading and organizing materials in the past and it greatly slowed down our process. Also, some people sent materials with a download link that was expired by the time we got a chance to download. We want to spend as much time as possible getting to know your music and streamlining this process helps with that.

Q: Am I required to submit a recording with my application?
A: No, but it is strongly recommended. If you do not have a live recording, MIDI is also fine.

Q: Is there a certain composition style you are looking for?
A: No. Surprise us, be yourself and creative. If it touches us in a way or the other, we believe we'll be able to transmit that to an audience too.

Q: After I apply, how and when will I receive confirmation of my application?
A: After you submit your application fee, you should automatically receive a receipt via email from PayPal. After our deadline (June 30), you will receive an additional email confirmation from us to the email you listed in your application. We will also contact you if we have any questions or have issues accessing your files. Please make sure your materials stay uploaded in your Google Drive folder until after we announce the results.

Q: I just heard about your call for scores but the deadline passed recently. Can I still apply?
A: We strongly encourage everyone to submit their works before the deadline but if you need a little more time, please let us know and we may consider slightly late applications on a case-by-case basis.

Q: When will chosen works be announced?
A: After all composers are notified via email of the final results, we will make our first public announcement via social media in early Fall 2019. Don't forget to follow us on social media: please go to: and

Q: I have other questions not mentioned here. How do I get in touch?
A: The best way to reach us is via Email.