Delirium Musicum envisions a world that is inspired by the ecstatic interpretation of music.
Delirium Musicum

- Delirium: /dɪˈlɪrɪəm/ wild excitement or ecstasy

Delirium Musicum is a conductorless chamber orchestra dedicated to providing impassioned and engaging musical performances. Influenced by the bustling artistic mosaic of LA, the group applies dazzling creativity and limitless excitement to their performances.

Delirium Musicum represents the artistic excellence and leadership of the young generation of musicians in Los Angeles. The small size of this ensemble allows the musicians to bond and connect intimately with the audience. The group's performances are dedicated to inspiring wild excitement and ecstasy by engaging audiences with unapologetic and fresh approaches to wide-ranging musical repertoire. Creative interpretation of the old masters as well as collaboration with contemporary composers generates new and exciting musical programs that speak to modern audiences.

Winner of the 2018 Beverly Hills National Auditions, CA, Delirium Musicum is an electrifying conductorless chamber orchestra that brings together some of the most creative and refined musicians in Los Angeles. Led from the violin by Etienne Gara, Delirium Musicum has stepped into 2018 redefining itself artistically and taking a new stand on the repertoire it tackles. Its new approach reflects today's world with daring programing ranging from Baroque repertoire to contemporary pieces. Reincarnated with a new creative impulse, the award winning ensemble is showcasing its signature stylistic contribution, combining passionate creativity with the boundless enthusiasm the musicians have for communing with the audience. The refreshing vitality and the quality of the ensemble has already attracted the attention of the LA Times, which profiled the group in an article that was published on December 14, 2017.

The musicians of Delirium Musicum had been playing together for a few years already when they joined Kontrapunktus in 2015. That project started with the recording of the album "A Neo-Baroque Introduction" and was followed by concerts throughout Southern California. Culminating in a collaboration with the Mission Choir of the Mission Basilica of San Juan Capistrano, the project was designed to perform Baroque and Neo-Baroque music.

This ensemble of 15 musicians was able to make a name for itself in front of a growing audience by communicating its energy and unique approach. Driven by the joy they derived from playing together, they decided to rebrand themselves as Delirium Musicum, a name that says it all. They are now highlighting a broad repertoire, including commissions of some of the most up-and-coming composers.

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